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I’m not a cake person.  Especially that pedestrian cake that they sell at your local grocery store, that shit is awful. I’d rather have a nice golden brown fruit pie. Preferably apple or strawberry.

My beautiful and amazing wife however, is a cake person. Specifically chocolate cake. So this year for her second consecutive 29th birthday, I surprised her with quite possible the most luxurious chocolate cake ever made.

This cake was comprised of two unbelievably moist chocolate cakes, between which was an extra thick layer of creamy chocolate mousse. If that wasn’t rich enough, the entire thing was covered in chocolate ganache. Lots of chocolate ganache. Easily 1/4 inch in some places. On the top was some decorative chocolate swirls and sugar flowers, which for some reason my wife really thinks are delicious (She drinks).

I can not even begin to describe how wonderful this cake tasted. Chocolate times 1000! It’s almost overwhelming. After enjoying the delicate inside you get to basically eat an entire candy bar that has been wrapped around the outside. You really feel like you’ve accomplished something after eating a slice. And damnit, that’s the way dessert should be!

You might be wondering where I obtained such a wonderful cake, a fancy boutique bakery perhaps? Absolutely not. I was introduced to a woman who makes these cakes out of her house. As you can see she’s amazingly talented and she’s working up to doing this full time. She lives on the near East-side of Cleveland and she’s available to make a cake for you too. In the interest of keeping her personal contact information off of the Internet, if you’d like to order a cake from her leave a comment down below and I’ll send you her email address.

Update: No email address for you! The aforementioned cake lady is leaving the state. No more secret cake lady.

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22 Responses to “The Best Cake I Ever Ate”

  1. Jill Says:

    Wow, that looks amazing. I would love to try it. We are usually ice cream cake people for the very reason you mention. We have a slice on the day and then end up throwing the rest of the cake out once it has molded. You are a fantastic husband to honor your wife like that.

  2. kakaty Says:

    I would love to have her info for upcoming birthdays. Beautiful cake!

  3. Karen Says:

    that’s some THICK ganache. ooof! :)

  4. Edward Says:

    I need to try that cake! Please forward me the info!

    Thank you!

  5. Rosalie Russo Says:

    Please send me the email address to the person who made that cake for you.
    Thanks ~Rosalie~

  6. suz625 Says:

    add me to your list as well — would love the contact information!

  7. TAM Says:


  8. Kristine Says:

    Thank you for making me crave a piece. That looks like heaven.

  9. Melanie Says:

    Now that’s a beautiful, pure-looking cake…I must have one for next birthday…please provide info, thank you very much!

  10. Louis Simone Says:

    I would appreciate the email to try this wonderful cake!

  11. jaybee Says:

    That looks spectacular. I’ll take that cake lady’s contact info. too!

  12. patti horn Says:

    Oh my gosh, thats my fav birthday cake, I get the same cake every year, some not so good.. this one looks wonderful. I have to try it. Please forward me the address so I can get it to my husband, so he knows where to order the next one.


  13. Maureen Says:

    Could you please email me the contact information?


  14. pipsqueak1234 Says:

    Wow my son is a chocolate nut and his 21st bday is right around corner that would be awesome for him! Please send me email. Thank you so much

  15. Karen Says:

    I would love to have her bake me a cake for this coming father’s day, is she available? please forward my information to her and the price. thanks!

  16. rachel Says:

    that cake is beautiful! could you please pass her info onto me, as well? thank you!

  17. Andrew Walker Says:

    If this is the cake lady in Euclid, I would love her contact information if she is still in the area. My parents always used her for graduation cakes. My mom’s 60th birthday party is coming up and would love to have her make her butter pecan cake for the occasion

  18. Tina Says:

    There is a place in Akron called Alladin’s that sells a similar cake. It is five layers and deeeevine!

  19. Rayona Hickerson Says:

    Okay smy bday is friday my aunt got a cake and a card for The Cake Lady she says her name is lynettet harris im trying to find her if uu could forward me her email at my email I wud gladly appriciate it im turning 17 :) please and thank uu..

  20. C Williams Says:

    Hi. My husband and I both have birthdays coming up and I would love to order a cake from her. Thank in advance for sending her contact information and for sharing!!!

  21. jennifer Says:

    please send me the info. The cake looks great!

  22. Geny Nowak Says:

    My usband’s birthday is in April he is also a chocoholic! Please forward contact info for this amazing choc mouse cake.

    Thank you~

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