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Although my first post about my decision to lose weight was yesterday, today is actually the 12th day of the process. In that 12 days I’ve lost 13 pounds. Hells yes. That’s some pretty sweet shit. So I’m down to 323 pounds.

One might ask, how can you lose 13 pounds in 12 days? Low carb baby.

I know, I know. All those people that wished me well yesterday are now going to give me shit because I picked a method of losing weight that has a lot of flaws. I’m well aware of all the reasons low carb diets suck: you can regain the weight quickly once you stop, missing out on a lot of essential nutrients and vitamins, hair loss, bad breath, fatigue, smelly pee (no, really, my pee stinks, it’s like asparagus pee all day long). You name it, I’ve heard it. And I’m fine with all of them.

Here’s why I chose to lose weight with a low carb diet:
I eat less – it’s really easy to load up on mashed potatoes, but it’s a hell of a lot tougher to eat a mountain of beef.

I eat healthier – No more sugar is a good thing. I basically get to choose between hearty vegetables and meat, and most of the time to fill myself up, I’m eating a ton of vegetables.

No more snacking – Well I snack now and then, but it’s a lot less often then I used to.

I exercise more – When you see positive results almost immediately from exercising, it’s a lot easier to keep up.

And there are a 100 more reasons that I like low carb. My thought is this, the more weight I lose, the less I will want to eat and the easier it will be for me to exercise. Let me tell you, lugging around 336 pounds, even walking is difficult. If your house is on fire, you don’t start picking out new paint colors or furniture, you have to put the fire out first before you can work on the repairs. I’m simply in the process of putting the fire out in my life and I’m using low carb to do it.

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9 Responses to “How I’m Going to Lose Weight”

  1. Karen Says:

    No judgmental lectures from me…I periodically revert to an old crash diet as shock therapy to remind myself how I should be eating. You’ll get a lot of well-meaning but bossy people telling you what to do and it will all be conflicting advice. Listen to no one but your doctor and your own instincts…because there’s more than one way to skin a cat/shed a pound and you have to do what works for you. And there’s also an old Chinese saying, “There are many paths to the top of the mountain but if you keep changing paths you will never reach the summit.” So if it’s working for you, just stick to it hardcore and you’ll get to where you want to go.

  2. betsy Says:

    Yo Mark,
    I have lost 15 pounds in the last month – I was sick of the asparagus pee smell but it is one of the few green veggies I like.
    Found big bags of crisp, crunchy sugar snap peas at Sams – love them. Great raw but also like them steamed with some lemon pepper.
    Don’t forget to check out and try new seasonings. It really has helped me.
    Good luck with the new life style. It takes 21 days to make something a habit – you are more than half way there.

  3. Chef Susan Says:

    Great work, and keep the numbers heading downward.
    Also wanted to say that 43 pounds of pork blog was awesome. I have done this myself, and invited a few dozen friends to share. One of the best side dishes for meat/proteins is sliced fresh tomatoes drizzled with homemade raspberry vinegar and torn slivers of fresh basil. Don’t forget to eat the protein, as it is possible to get lost in the luscious ‘maters! Making sides the main dish, and protein, the side, is the way I dropped 70 pounds post-second-child’s birth. You can do it!

  4. monicaonthego.com Says:

    Congrats, you are off to a good start! I am all about high protein, low carbs diet, so no lecture here.

  5. KatherineAnn Says:

    I guess what I said y’day was not the direction you are taking. Hey, I hope the low carb lifestyle is for you and you do well on your diet. I love to hear about success and it encourages everyone that real changes can be made in one’s life! Go Mark!

  6. Mandy Says:

    So I just started a low-carb diet 3 days ago. I’m not gonna lie I could tear up a baked potatoe! But this diet seems to be working! Do you have any helpful hints??? Oh yeah…the smelly pee…I was getting ready to go to the doctor until I googled it! LOL!

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  9. eric Says:

    i weighed 350 last year. summer of 2009, i was a smoker and toker, then i just stopped eating as much (ok thats a lie i had some motivation, same reason i quit smoking, obviously only a woman can cause that, lol), eggwhites for breakfast or a yogurt, lunch sandwhich and dinner reduced portions. (yeah it might be hard to only eat that but if you have motivation no problem), 2 months ago i quit smoking cigarrettes and started heavily smoking weed, i stalled at 270 (munchies from weed made it hard not to eat) i quit pot 2 days ago and im at 265. i want to get to about 180 pounds within a year and a half from now.

    also i tried the low carb diet, didnt work well for me, i lose weight faster eating reduced calories.

    ps: keep updating in the comments what your weights at i bookmarked the page, im rooting for you.

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