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yellow watermelon
So I see these delicious watermelons at the Wal-Marts taunting me with their striped casings, on a warm summer day I just had to have one.  I ponied up my $4 for the nicest one I could find and headed out of the store.

Later that night I decide that I’m in the mood for some of that there watermelon and that I was going to take the time to slice it up.  I took one thick slice off the stem end surprised not to see even the slightest bit of pink on it.  Another slice and still no pink.  The whole damn thing was yellow inside. A yellow flesh watermelon!

I’d heard of yellow watermelon before and our friends over a Wikipedia say that the yellow watermelons are much sweeter than your regular variety.  This particular watermelon however happens to be a loser on all accounts. 

Not only is it yellow, but it’s not the least bit sweet. Instead, the yellow flesh tastes like rind normally does and there are these fibrous patches throughout it. 

I should just throw it out, but I’m a cheap bastard, so I’m going to be damn sure that I eat every disgusting piece of it.

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89 Responses to “Yellow Watermelon – Why is My Watermelon Yellow?”

  1. CHAS Says:

    dat same crap happened to me I def. had to google it before i ate it that i was pissed and it wasnt as good as the red watermelon..walmart tricked us dey should have labeled it..but i ate it as well..LOL

  2. Sarah Says:

    I bought my first yellow watermelon was was pleasanlty surprised!!! it was great but i was thrown off by the color originally… maybe the one you bought just wasn’t ripe… i noticed that in the pic above the seeds are small and white but mine had larger seeds that were a deep brown… just a thought… i didn’t get mine from walmart though, it was bought from a local organic garden… hope the next time you find one it’s better : )

  3. cassie-b Says:

    If you take it back to the store and complain, they will most likely refund your money. I know it’s only $4, but you were pretty much cheated.

    I found your site by googling “make your own cheese crackers – which I’ll try next week. They sound great. Thanks
    nice to meet you

  4. basil Says:

    Well, what did you expect? After all, you bought it from “that there” Wal*Mart. Gawd, I hope people who read this site really don’t think this is what Cleveland is all about. From what I’ve seen here, you’re nowhere close to “eating Cleveland.” Regards.

  5. chelle Says:

    I too just ghot one from wal-mart that wasn’t sweet but this is the first time i got one from them and the first time it hasnt been sweet so maybe there is a link.my first 1 was from Publix-absolutely sweet and juicy.my other was from a farmers market-sweet as well.try it once more from a diff source b4 giving up.

  6. Joann Says:

    Same story applies. I got my yellow flesh watermelon from Wal-Mart also. It turns out my son beat me to cutting it and I ended up discovering the whole thing in the trash can. No one got to taste it, but my fiance almost did a dumpster dive just to get a taste. It is quite surprising to find yellow inside when you’re expecting red. They should be labeled as such in the store.

  7. Joyce Says:

    Same thing happened to me. Mine however is luscious!!! Color threw me too. But I had to taste it before I presented it to my family. It’s extremely sweet. I do wish though Walmart had labeled it. No complaints though.

  8. Erin Says:

    Yellow watermelons taste just about the same as red ones. If you got one that was not sweet, it is because it was not ripe- not because it was yellow. You get just as many red ones that taste bad for the same reason.

    When you have access to ripe watermelons from the field- just like with all fruits & veggies- you know just how bad supermarket produce can taste (since it is picked waaaay before it is ripe, and in most cases artificially “ripened”). I feel lucky that growing up in the South (Atlanta) I had access at local farmer’s markets to really fresh peaches, watermelons, tomatoes, etc. straight from the field- there is nothing like it in the world!

  9. Nene Says:

    We ,too, got a very delicious looking seedless watermelon, and when we sliced it, there it was, yellow, to our surprise… I was about to throw it away, but when we smelled and tasted it (Very, very sweet), we had to let everyone within reach know about it… down side… we had to share!!! Needless to say, we all loved it! And we’re keeping the seeds to see if we can grow some :)

  10. Scott Says:

    Yes, I got a yellow one, too, but not from Wal-mart, from Berkeley Bowl which has the best produce around here. It was tasty.

    Like others have said, your problem was you got a really unripe or bad one, not caused because it was yellow. Try to get a better one, maybe something more locally grown if you can, stuff that has to be picked weeks or months in advance to be shipped across the country or the world isn’t always so yummy.

  11. Allen Says:

    Oh if only I could find a yellow meated melon around here. Use to have some friends that raised them and they were always so much better than the red meated melons. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a big black diamond melon in many years now either. They were usually the sweetest of the red meated melons. Guess it just cost too much to raise the big old 30 to 40 lbs melons anymore.

  12. Joanna Says:

    Same here but instead of getting it from Wal*Mart we planted some in my garden out back. My brother and I cut into it and was going to toss it when our mom stopped us with all this talk about yellow watermelons. So this is the first time in all my 33yrs of life I have heard or see of these…but i have like 6 more growing back there. If anyone knows when you can tell they are rip let me know. But the one we did take off wasn’t as sweet as the red ones but it was still good.

  13. azmadame_x (Sue Henderson) Says:

    @MrInkster Check it out. It is a watermelon! http://tinyurl.com/a7h4nb

  14. Irene Says:

    This is hillarious!!! I bought this water mellon from a local store, came home, cut it and voila! It was yellow! How come no one ever told me about yellow water mellons!! Just like most of you, I had to google it before daring to eat it. My sister and I found this site and laughed our hearts out!! We are not the only ones! After eating it, I am actually pleasantly suprised that it tastes sweet, Mine has black seeds. Maybe that means it is ripe.

  15. Dan Says:

    To my surprise, I just bought a yellow watermelon, and it sucks!

  16. wanda Says:

    Today is a very hot day in NJ. We bought a watermelon in the farmers market in Journal Square, Jersey City. It was hilarious when we open the melon it was yellow. I Google for more info. The Y melon was seedless, sweet as honey.This was a very eat-full Y melon. We even take a picture to show friends. Thank you tho the farmers for this melon.

  17. Dan Says:

    We livin’ in PA and my ‘ol lady bought a watermelon from one of these Amish produce carts along the interstate or whatnot with a bunch of other fruit and veggies. She’s was at work this evening and I was hungry for some watermelon. I got it out and a big ol knife cut it right smack down the middle and dag gum there ’twas all yeller in the middle of it. I taste me a little sliver and damn she good. I ate the whole darn half of this here melon now my gut hurtins.

  18. Suzie Says:

    My husband brought on home from a farm and it was delish. We were suprised to see yellow though, I had never heard of yellow watermellon. Well anyway, it was really good and would get another.

  19. Lisa Says:

    I just got a farm raised yellow watermelon from Georgia and it was the tastiest watermelon I have ever eaten. Wal-mart veggies just do not compare to home grown!

  20. sara Says:

    I got the same yellow crap from Wal Mart too. I am here laughing at how many of us had this happen too. I just threw the whole big mess in the trash. I don’t care if it tastes good…it’s ugly.

  21. Ted Says:

    Why would you buy any color watermelon from Walmart and expect it to be good?

  22. Byron Says:

    I think we are all missing the mark here. When you go to Walmart to purchase a watermellon, there is no sign that says “Get your Pink / Red Watermelons Here” and therefore i don’t think WM is obligated to mention it. I’m in Northern California and i bought one yesterday off of one of the farmers trucks off the side of the road. I cut it last night and it was very ripe and sweet throughout. I had them in Mississippi a lot growing up and this is my first one here in cali. My wife was shocked but reluctingly tasted it and to her surprise loved it and wanted me to not have anymore until our daughter got home today. Go big Yellow!!!!

  23. kate 4090 Says:

    buy from farmers markets, they will choose the perfect melon. most of the time it is garenteed to be good.. be sure to ask if it was freshly picked… some venders will buy from other farms weeks before…

    remember you get what you pay for

  24. hey Says:

    Been eating yellow watermelon since I was a kid, and always keep an eye out for them. Sounds like yours wasn’t ripe when it was picked, or it didn’t get good watering throughout its growth. But they are usually the best. I love them.

  25. Joanna Says:

    From July to now I’ve had about 4 from my garden and this last one I got from out back was just the sweetest melon I’ve ever had. I would have to go out on a limb and say that once they get just right they are better than the red ones. Now I need to learn how to make the fresh agua(water) out of it.

  26. Cheryl Says:

    Well well, I just picked out of our garden what I thought was a seedless red watermelon low and behold it is yellow. I have never even heard of a yellow watermelon here in Australia, I need to get out more obviously. I thought that it must not have been right so I too googled it. Well I’m off to try a yellow watermelon.

  27. Lynne Says:

    For the first time ever we planted a watermelon this year. Seedless red melon is what the tag said. With much excitement we have cut open our first melon today and its yellow. As we Cheryl, we are in Australia and had never heard of yellow watermelon, so thought we would google it and see if they existed. Ours had black seeds, so much for being seedless. Taste and smells great. Does this mean all the melons will be yellow or is it just an odd one out?

  28. Orion Says:

    It’s quite possible that the produce manager at that WalMart didn’t know he bought a truckload of them. :) Many people from north of the Mason-Dixon line have never heard of them . Yellow-fleshed watermelon are popular in the South and, as others have said, they tend to be a bit sweeter than a red-fleshed one. When you get a good one from a farmer’s market or produce stand you’ve got yourself a real treat. We used to sell them at a roadside stand by our farm and we marked them clearly and kept them in a separate bin. Still had some Northerner come through one day, drove back 2 days later to complain that we’d sold him a defective melon – “I DROVE BACK HERE AS SOON AS I CUT IT OPEN! THE INSIDE WAS YELLOW!” he yelled. Well…yeah. We still gave him a replacement (red) for his trouble.

  29. Sheila Says:

    I just purchased one at Publix. It was delicious. My first time seeing and tasting yellow watermelon.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Yellow watermelon is the same as red watermelon…

    The color just throws people off >.>

  31. Donna Says:

    I grew up eating yellow watermelons in Alabama, my mom moved me to Florida when I was little and there very rare to find as it is and even more rare down here. Alot of people have never even heard of them, well I went to Publix this morning and low and behold they had yellow watermelon cut and ready to purchase. I just had to buy it for my fiance to try because I have always told him how sweet they are and he loved it. For those of you who have had a bad experience with them I am sorry. They really are alot sweeter then red and very delicious, so please give it another try if you come across one again.

  32. tannja martin sc Says:

    i am so surpisied when i cut into this fresh watermelon a to my on eye i saw a yellow melon, i was shocked! never in my ****years on this earth have i seen one but one taste an i will look for one every year but i still want my red melons also love having a choice,

  33. learnEnglish Says:

    Learn English before posting online again please.

  34. Paula McDermott Says:

    I have planted a whole bunch of watermelon, cantalope and honey dew melons here in Atlanta. I am a novice farmer, so I had my sister advise me on when to pick watermelon. We checked the underside and figure there were 3 which were ready. I cut mine open and I was surprised to see it was yellow! When I tasted it, it was tasteless! From what I’ve been reading; methinks we picked too early. So I’m going to leave them a little longer in hopes that I don’t have 50 duds in my garden. Thanks everyone for the info.

  35. James Wilson Says:

    My family has grown watermelons for the last >100 years here in the south. Too many people’s astonishment, there are more than 1200 variations of watermelons including white flesh. One thing you all should consider when it comes to the manufacturing of all foods is globalization. We are able to produce all kinds of fruits and veggies that were not conceivable 10 to 15 years ago. You align the right climate and anything can grow. Embrace change!

  36. Cassandra Says:

    I just bought one today from walmart and cut it open to see yellow. But i could smell it was a watermelon and was on the phone with a friend and told them about it. They said it wasnt so i eat some and sure enough it was a watermelon. Told them i was gonna look it up and i did. So now i got facts that it is and tomorrow there gonna try it. I like think it taste good.

  37. dolly Says:

    I live in the United Kingdom on the Kent Coast (by the North Sea!!) The melon I bought from Tescos (our supermarket giant) is.. obviously… yellow!! Looks identical to a traditional red watermelon on the outside… I’ve never seen or heard of a yellow watermelon before and had to check on the internet if it was safe to eat first!! It tastes just as sweet although there are no fully formed seeds which is a shame because i’d have loved to try grow some on my allotment. I guess it’s like you used to be able to get purple or white carrots back in the day when we had lots of regional and artisan growers- loved reading about everyone’s experiences.. Yellow Melon Lovers of the World Unite!! :-)

    p.s. an old timer on the allotments said back in the war/post war they used to make melon or marrow rum by drilling a hole in the fruit, filling it with sugar/water and wrapping it tightly in muslin for a few months and allowing it to ferment, whilst hanging in the airing cupboard…(though it had to be careful not to let it overheat or it would explode!!). awesome!!

  38. M Miller Says:

    I live in Kennesaw Georgia and can not find yellow watermelon. Does anyone know where to buy this in my area?

  39. Sarah Says:

    hahaha i know what your talking about! my grandma bought us a watermelon and my dad just decided to cut it put tonight. i here my dad yell: okay! what the heck is this?! it was yellow!

  40. Joe in ATL Says:

    Sorry pal… I grew up in the South and still here after 41 years… Been all across it and never saw a Yellow watermelon until today.

    So it is not a Southern Thing…

  41. Joe in ATL Says:

    Try WalMart or Publix.

  42. D Says:

    how rude! what are you the online english teacher or something?

  43. Greg Says:

    I’m in Florida and bought a watermelon from Walmart yesterday. Cut it this morning and was suprised by the bright yellow color. Thought maybe it had been previously frozen or something and would be bad. Checked the internet and saw that yellow isn’t that uncommon. It turned out to be sweeter as has been posted on this web site. I have no complaints. Very good. I’ve gotten bad red one’s before and I suspect that it’s true that the bad yellow one that was commented on wasn’t ripe.

  44. Mac Says:

    I have known about yellow watermelons all my life. When i moved to memphis from mississippi in high school all my friends thought i was crazy when i told them i wanted some yellow watermelon one summer. I never did get to show them i wasnt crazy.

  45. terry Says:

    I also love yellow melons.I grew a bunch one year in CT.I am surprised nobody has mentioned, there are also long melons with deep orange flesh, bur very much watermelon flavor, and a rare treat! The sweetness of any color depends on the ripeness alone. We used to get some yellow ones up north here at Stop Y Shop, but haven’t seen them recently. They were very easy to grow, just put 10 by 15 feet of black plastic garbage bag on the ground, and let the vines grow through it. Conserves water and heat, tho you might not need it. One of these days again, if that’s what it takes! peace

  46. OU812 Says:

    Rude?? Actually don’t find that rude or offensive at all, and the word “please” was used too. What is rude and offensive is how people butcher the English language because they either are to lazy to type something out, to ignorant, or think its cool.

  47. WMD Says:

    In your pathetic effort at saving the English language on the internet, you used the wrong “too” on two different occasions and your first sentence (the one after the word “rude,” which isn’t a sentence, either) is missing a few words. Maybe you need to learn English before you try to tell people off. But nice try.

  48. AW Says:

    Actually, many people who speak in an African American vernacular are often mistaken for not knowing how to effectively speak/write in English. This sentiment is wholly wrong. AAV and what is misguidedly referred to as “proper English” are two different dialects of English. If one studies English, one would find out that the AAV dialect is accepted as a valid form of the language.

  49. Mark Says:

    I’m really glad this post has turned into a discussion of ethnic English dialects. Just fascinating stuff.

  50. life? Says:

    do u have a life?
    just asking. If u dont u should get one it’s pretty good to have one, wait sorry i mean good too as u say. im 12 from swe so if u reply learn english then u should know that i learned eng when i was 6 and i learned from movies,games,stuff like that.

    Ladies and gentlemen an applous please
    *guy dies*

  51. Lolwut Says:

    None of this has to do with yellow watermelon. Congrats guys.

  52. MECHALA Says:


  53. Brenda Says:

    Sent my hubby to the store to buy a watermelon at Walmart. Much to my surprise it was yellow…not red. It could have been sweeter, so I sprinkled some artificial sweetener on mine. Found a label on the watermelon saying it was a yellow one. My husband is not good at reading labels, because he’s is always in a hurry to get in and out of the store, ha!

  54. Mimzy Says:

    About 2 days ago I had some Yellow watermelon! It WAS super sweet.. But kinda Tangy too! DELICIOUS in fact. <3 Never knew a watermelon could be that yellow inside. lol How dare anyone call them Loser Watermelons! They are Just Yellow! <3 And So what if some aren't Sweet. They still would be healthy… Right?

  55. Trevor Race Says:

    I’m eating a yellow flesh watermelon, right now. My step-dad grew it in his garden. It weighed in at 39lbs and tastes as good, if not better, than any red melon I’ve had. Hopefully, you’ll have a good one sometime.

  56. Kevin Tarvin Says:

    They are actually quite good. The color is a distraction. I planted some this year in my garden and I am waiting on them now. You have to think of them as some other type of melon such as cantaloupe or honeydew in order to not be bothered by the color. It’s like drinking the dark green tropical punch flavored Gatorade. The green doesn’t fit, but it happens to be the best Gatorade flavor on the market.

  57. Kevin Tarvin Says:

    It’s best to cut it into chunks and serve it separate from the rind. Blend it into a bowl of cut fruit and you will have people asking you what that really good yellow fruit is.

  58. Gus Says:


    This conversation has been going on for a period of two years now!!! Lets just accept it, the damn melon is yellow and as a Chef, i quite like it..

  59. RobC Says:

    Just got the “yellow watermelon surprise” myself after picking one up for $5 at Wholefoods. Googled this myself before eating. Tastes great. I think your problem is that you are buying produce at Walmart, not that yellow tastes bad.

  60. angelica Says:

    well i think u should stfu ,its not that big of a problem and i think YELLOW WATERMELON , taste better then red watermelon iif i do say so myself. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. ANGELA MARIE Says:


  62. Sarah Says:

    Well i think yellow watermelon is delicious so u should be quiet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))

  63. stiggy Says:

    If “AAV dialect is accepted as a valid form of the language” then why is it not accepted in schools as proper English. If I were to write a paper using AAV I would surely fail.

  64. Marlo Says:

    I am growing yellow fleshed watermelons, they have taken over my garden. I’m hoping that they will be deliciously sweet and yummy. Either way, I’m SO proud of myself for growing watermelons so I will not complain even if they are not quite as sweet.

  65. Shogun Says:

    What is this? Language Anonymous. Let people write whatever they want. It’s not profane, so it should not bother anyone as long as they can read and understand. Just because you you paid a million dollar to go to school, doesn’t mean you need to act like an English teacher to others. Don’t bother proofreading my comments. I already know…. it’s not perfect for you.

  66. chany Says:


  67. chany Says:

    ikr pple just need 2 stfu n let ple express n wut bout da person dnt know english n tried so ya

  68. chany Says:

    ikr pple just need 2 stfu n let ple express n wut bout da person dnt know english n tried i ment 2 put it on dis post not the lame post on da boyyom! :)

  69. Sandy Says:

    I liked my yellow watermelon. I was a bit disappointed at first but i found it to be kinda cool so we ate it.

  70. "BUT" Says:

    WMD, your effort was equally pathetic. Starting a sentence with a conjunction is improper English. Yours was a nice try as well.

  71. Lisa Says:

    My yellow watermelon was wonderful. Sweeter than the red but I don’t like the seeds, otherwise it was very good and I was pleasantly surprised.

  72. cowboy Says:

    listen. a friend of mine brought three big mallens to Ind. and one round one yellow inside watermalens, that he raise on his tennisee property, and talk about sweet, they was very sweet and tasty too, i even liked it actualy better than the red ones, and everybody there that took a slice of it injoyed every bit of those tenniasee inside yellow mallens, i dont see why nobody out there dosent like those sweetly . yellow mallens. thank you.

  73. cowboy Says:

    im sorry but yes it is, my friend lives in tennisee and he raises inside red watermalens and inside yellow mallons as well. he shure pruverd it to us, and inside yellow watermallons, are very sweet and tastey. thanks

  74. cowboy Says:

    Donna, you are very right about those inside yellow watermallons, why i say it this way is because all of them looks the same on the out side, green striped , but when you open them up you might get an inside yellow or a red one, but the yellow ones are very sweert and tastey, yes Donna, you are so right sweety, thanks

  75. erg Says:

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when an illiterate who types with their elbows tries to post comments on the internet.

  76. ????? Says:

    Everybody i ate the yellow watermelon and then after i was done i smelt my hands and it smelt like urine. Should i be worried?

  77. abby Says:

    i love the yellow watermelon. it is better than the red ones. dont get me wrong i still like the red ones, but the yellow ones are better bc i dont have the acid refliex from the yellow ones as i did with the red ones. to bad u could only find these in texas. kudows to my local italian market was the one that referred my hubby and i to it. right on shogun.

  78. abby Says:

    thats awesome that u are growing your own was it hard? something i might consider doing next year.

  79. jesse Says:

    wow who knew that looking up yellow watermellon would be so entertaining!!

  80. Pauluc Says:

    I’ll bet u the writer and some of the offers who didn’t like it were because there poor what ever color trash. That why they shop for fruit and vegetables at a discount wherehouse store like walmart. It’s one thing to buy cheep high quanity from far away states or counties for things like toys and computers and close but not fresh frit and vegetables. Buy produce local and it will test fresher because it is and hasn’t been picked early and sat in a box under a lamp for at least a full day probably mire like two or three, fresh hu? I’d hate to see what you consider fresh Melk. Oh you know that stiff in a box that sits on a dry shelf for a month or two before it’s drank.

  81. Jerry Says:

    I’m guessing the people who picked the “not so sweet” yellow watermelons probably don’t know how to pick watermelons properly. It does take some time for a person to get accustomed to the proper sound from a ripe watermelon though.

    Give it another try and hopefully you pick a ripe one because it is, relatively, sweeter than your run of the mill red watermelon.

  82. CompulsiveEnglishNut Says:

    AAV (which is also referred to BEV, Black English Vernacular) is a “valid form of the language” mostly to linguists. Teachers in schools and universities teach Standard American English (SAE). This is the basic language of all Americans, each person having his/her own variations depending on factors such as age, ethnicity, and location.

    It’s great to see people getting fired up over questions of language.

  83. melissa Says:

    During june of the summer i bought a watermelon and ate it naturally. Threw sum seeds in dirt.. not to grow but just was outside eating watermelon fig why the hell not. OK i didnt cover them or anything. forgot all about it to be honest! we put up a new fence in that area few weeks ago i saw a watermelon growing up the fence and produced a 3 watermelons. Frost has come so i said let me pick it. IT WAS BIG at this point… Size of big watermelon.. Just cut it open to find the inside was yellow. Came to internet to find out if its good. I tasted it. and its not sweet…. it was ripe though so now im confused. I always pick out good watermelons. i know the sound they make when they are ripe. anyhow…. now tryingt o fig out wat to do with this.

  84. thisistoofunny Says:

    lol you all are too funny and quite clever
    u kno wat im sayin lmbo

  85. JZ Says:

    Yellow doll melons ae my favorite!! =)

  86. Gaga Says:

    Tqven shig kho ar gaqvt ? Inglisuris meti eri enac ki ar icit, da tavi kitrebi ggoniat, snobebo da nabozrebo, tqve tvitdajerebulo dakompleqsenulo internetis chiebo, rasisto nabichvrebo….

  87. Bob smith Says:

    It is very sweet. I just got a yellow watermelon.

  88. christy dang Says:

    Im eating one right now. Its a surprise to me too because of the color but ts like any original watermelon to me. Its sweet and it has seeds. i like it very much c:

  89. Dana Wilson Says:

    My first experience of this fruit was wonderful very sweet snd my kids loved it I would buy more.

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