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Free gas?  Who couldn’t use some free gas? 

With gas prices at all-time highs, nearing $4.50 in some locations, any way you can save some money at the pump has to be a good thing.  Most everyone in Northeastern Ohio is probably familiar with Giant Eagle’s fuelperks program.  It’s pretty straightforward: You spend $50 at Giant Eagle, you get 10¢ off per gallon when you fill up at the Giant Eagle Get-Go gas station.

The problem is at $4 a gallon you have to spend $2,000 for a free tank of gas.  That’s a lot of groceries.  I’m sure there are families with 4 kids that can spend that much in a couple of months, but I want to find a way to get things done sooner.

I want to find a way to beat the Giant Eagle Fuelperks system and get free gas.

I don’t know of any full proof method right now, but here are some things you can do to increase your savings:

  • Bring an extra gas can with you when you go to fill up.  Giant Eagle will allow you to use your discounts on up to 30 gallons of gas.  Considering that most cars only have 15 gallon tank, you’re leaving some of your discount in the pump.  Put a 5 or 10 gallon gas tank in your trunk and fill it up when you use your discount.  Just don’t store it in your closet.
  • Buy gift cards for places you will be shopping.  You earn fuelperks even when you buy gift cards, so if you know you’re going to Home Depot, why not buy the gift card at Giant Eagle and get the fuelperks too?
  • Buy gift cards and then get rid of them.  This is a big money saver.  Buy gift cards at Giant Eagle.  Then do one of three things with them: Sell them online, use them for something very inexpensive and get cash back or return the card to the issuing retailer for cash. 
  • Buy your prescriptions at full price.  This takes more work, but you’ll have a free tank of gas in no time.  Take your prescriptions to Giant Eagle, but tell them you don’t have insurance. Pay the full price on your credit card and then submit the receipt to your insurance company who will reimburse you for the difference.  

There has to be more ways out there to beat the system.  I’ve racked my brain, what do you think?  Do you have a way to get free gas at Giant Eagle?  Let everyone know in the comments.

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87 Responses to “Free Gas – Beating Giant Eagle’s Fuel Perks”

  1. Ronald D. Dauphin Says:

    I once bought several Home Depot gift cards at Giant Eagle, knowing that I needed to make a big purchase that day. Learned the hard way that the gift cards (at least for Home Depot) are not valid until 24 hours after purchase. Keep that in mind for your next shopping trip. ;)

  2. Mark D Barrows Says:

    you really ought to check accuracy on your free gas tips.

  3. kevin Says:

    your advice is pretty weak…smartest way to using the points to fill up at a discount is to buy a visa gift card for $50 or more…you then use your giant eagle card to get the points..then take that visa gift card and use it when your filling up….

  4. Jim Says:

    @Kevin: Brilliant Idea except for the fact that they dont give fuelperks credit for visa gift card purchases, or AMEX, or Giant Eagle Gift cards….

  5. Mary Says:

    We used to try to fill up two gas tanks (14 gallons each) by putting the vehicles back to back. That doesn’t work anymore. The attendant stops the pump on you.

  6. bob Says:

    Make sure your not making a special trip to Giant Eagle to buy gift cards or you’re just eroding the value of your fuel perks.

  7. Margo Says:

    You have to be on the lookout for GE to offer specials that earn you extra fuelperks over and above what you would earn on your total grocery purchase, such as recently they offered four boxes of Kellogg’s or General Mills cereals for ten dollars, with 20 cents in fuelperks. That was a very sensible offer, especially with two children at home.

  8. Don Kalinowski Says:

    Your fuelperk offer is very misleading and borders on being a scam. If you are entitled to purchase 30 gallons at the discounted price, what differencer does it make if the person decides to fill up a 55 gallon drum or another vehicle? Today I filled up one vehicle and used only 12 gallons. the other 17 gallons I could have used to fillup a second vehicle @1,59 were lost to me. Why?

    If you do not want customers to use 30 gallon, but as you say most vehicle today do not hold 30 gallons, limit it to 15.

  9. Catherine Disantis Says:

    The fueleperks offer is the biggest scam. No one is getting a free ride here. The fuel is paid for when you buy merchandise at Giant Eagle’s horribly inflated prices. On a 17 gal tank with $1.00 off, the customer “saves” $17. The merchandise the customer purchased to receive that discount cost $500, but would have cost at least 10% less at another grocer’s, and even less than that at a discounter’s like Marc’s, if you live in the Cleveland area. That’s a savings of $50! The math is simple: $17, or, $50?

    Turning off the pump while the customer is filling two cars to get the full 30 gal. is another way Giant Eagle sticks it to their customers. A local manager for the Giant Eagle gas station turned the pump off for us and then tried to tell me customers were violating the law if they filled two tanks. What a lie. I asked her how that differs from filling gas cans. She said filling another car was a fire hazzard! WTF???!!! I don’t know who she thinks she’s talking to, but that’s the biggest spin I ever heard.

  10. Gloria Paoli Says:

    I purchased diesel fuel at the Giant Eagle in GIbsonia on Sunday, September 29 @ $4.35 a gallon, I had $1.00 Get Go points to purchase 30 gallon. I then went on a trip and passed the Giant Eagle on RT.356 in Sarver, PA and their diesel fuel was $3.95 a gallon???????? Why aren’t all Get Go’s the same? Had I known, I would have purchased my fuel at that location. SO I only saved $.60 not $1.00!!!

  11. sherry Says:

    my daughter worked at get go and it is realistic why you dont pump two cars it does cause a fire especially if not done the right way. alot of people are careless so they cant supervisor everyone. but gas cans is the solution then fill up other cars. as for building your perks, they use to have movie rental that helped and also alonger time to build your points. now you have to use them within 90 days or their tooken off. so my solution is my kids and i will go to the store together and build up one card of our cards when we build it up enough we fill one car and cans. and i dont do all my shopping there only sales. so we build it up within 90 days then make sure we get the whole 30 gallons. and for the gift cards thats only good if your going to need them, that is smart way but like for holidays i will buy my gift cards there. this is the other thing no getgo really will release over the phone the price of gas in barberton right now $2.81 and akron $2.99 but other gas station around them they keep up with, but as for other getgo that are around you cant compare to see where the cheapest is unless you drive to them and thats wasting gas. overall it adds up but it is good for the ones that shop there alot, especially for wic coupons they get perks! or people that get assistance. all i got to say is sales, double coupons, and gift certificates. is they only way………

  12. joe cool Says:

    Giant eagle just came out with there new Credit card where if you spend $50.00 on your GE Credit Card you will get 0.04 on top of the 0.10 for every $50.00 you spend at there store. I take my grocery money I plan on spending and sit it aside and pay the bill off Evey month in order to make out on it!! And to the person who was complaining about the Get Go Stations not being the same price. Tell me one gas chain that has all there stations set at the same price and I will give you my fuel perks! Oh and the $50.00 Visa Gift Cards and AMEX Gift cards do count towards fuel perks. The red visa net spends and the Ge Gift cards do not count. but watch the fees on the Credit Gift Cards.

  13. scott Says:

    Not to sound like the enemy here but i deliver the gas for giant eagle in ohio. first off…. i dont care how much gas people try to take at the pump(more work for me)but i will comment on what Catherine Disantis above said. it is infact against the law to change between 2 cars,trucks or whatever(not just at gianteagle). and its due to the electrostatic charge your car and other variables puts off. it may sound like BS but i do this for a living. but by all means if you wanna turn your car and whatever else is around into toast be my guest….i get paid by the hour…LOL P.S. GIVE ME A 5 MIN HEAD START

  14. Hal Says:

    I use Fuelperks and haven’t paid for gas in a year; my 12-month savings is currently above $2800. I have a unique situation, because I buy gift cards that I use to buy inventory for my business, so I’m able to rack them up pretty quickly (there was a span where my balance hovered above $20 for a few months, and right now it’s above $10, which is MORE than 5 fill-ups). It also helps that there are a few Western PA stores that have double bonuses all year long.

    If you want to maximize your benefit you MUST ALWAYS CARRY GAS CANS AND MUST ALWAYS TAKE THE FULL 30 GALLONS. Five-gallon cans are about $8 apiece. But 3 for about $25 and fill them up with 15 gallons at $2/gallon. You make the money back on the first fill-up if you have $2 in Fuel Perks built up. NEVER NEVER NEVER LEAVE UNUSED FUELPERKS BENEFITS IN THE PUMP. If you have $2 in Fuelperks and a place to store gasoline cans, there is no excuse.

  15. Rich Says:

    I see all the comments above calling this a scam. This is, in my opinion, one of the best deals going. My brother and I have basically not paid for gas in a year now, other than long trips where there is no Giant Eagle. Plus, we don’t even buy their expensive groceries! The key is buying gift cards for anything you might use. On occasion, they carry amex or visa products that allow you to earn fuel, and you can spend them anywhere. Be careful with these though, as you have to do the calculation of the card fees to ensure you’re actually earning money.

    And, absolutely bring gas cans with you! Why throw away free money? If the deal is to get a maximum of 30 gallons, then make sure you get 30 gallons each time you’re using your card. If you don’t, then you’re throwing your money away.

  16. Jimmy Says:

    Remember that the gift cards have a $3.95 service charge. So if you were to purchase $100 gift cards during the double fuelperk promotions, you would be earning 40 cents off per gallon @ 30 gallons = $12-$3.95 (service fee) nets you $8.05 for that $100 gift card or $4.025 for regular promotion (10 cents). Now I know our economy is down in the dumper right now, but earning 4-8% on our money never was this demanding of our precise resource: TIME. We are always trying to beat the system. But remember, GE execs didn’t just cook this idea up overnight. They had number crunchers come up with all kinds of scenarios where: THEY WILL ALWAYS WIN. Like Catherine Desantis states “you could save 10% or more by shopping elsewhere”. Unless you are like Hal or Rich and purchase large quantities of gift cards and cycle through them on a regular interval, than this system of saving money is more work than it’s worth. …and that’s my 2 cents!!!!

  17. gary M Says:

    I used my fuel perks today (I had enough that the gas was free). I didn’t know that you could not fill 2 cars so I was shut off at 26 gallons. No problem, I know that next time I’ll take gas cans. HOWEVER— I checked my bank account and Giant Eagle had deposited $99.00 into my checking account today. I had enough points for another free 30 gallons and a discount on yet another fill. I wonder if they kicked me out of the program for filling up 2 cars? I had a lot of points because I gave my employees K-mart-Sears gift cards for Xmas. I don’t buy much groceries at GE – too expensive. Get most of what I need at Marcs, Aldis and Kmart.

  18. HG Says:

    Look for the presciption coupons in the paper, 1 dollar off a gallon and new or transfer. They have them often…. Once they are at Giant Eagle transfer your next refill to another place(they have promos also(20-40 gift cards) and the back to Giant Eagle month three.

    Okay sounds like alot of work, it does take some time, but say your family has 3 presciption to fill each month, this could save yourself over a thousand dollars a year.

  19. Steve Says:

    It is so Easy to get your gas pretty much for free from Giant Eagle. It is called Ebay. If you have Ebay you will need 2 accounts and 2 paypal accounts. All you have to do is buy the gift cards and then go home make up a fake Item and do it as a buy it now for $1. and do what ever amount you want for shipping. so $1 for the item and $399 shipping then the other person buy it now right away and pay for it through paypal. I have been doing this for a while On average if gas is 2 bucks a gallon after all fees through paypal and the small ebay fees I pay about 20 cents a gallon. It is awesome

  20. Steve Says:

    If you are going to do this make sure you have paypal accounts that are verified and not new. If they are new they will review and hold your money

  21. patrick Says:

    Hey Steve I was doing the ebay thing for quite a while.You will run into a problem when paypal shuts your accts down and freezes the cards and returns money from other accts these assholes now have $1000.00 in cards they say are fraudulent and after explaining that I get fuel perks for using cards they play stupid and will never release cards.I have contacted atty general in Ohio with no help

  22. Tony Says:

    Another pointer: When your perks are high enough to take the price down to $0, you may as well get 30 gallons of premium because it is the same price as the lower octane.

  23. Kelly Says:

    It amazes me just how very stupid most of society really is. Sorry, but that’s just how I feel. I don’t ever shop at Giant Eagle. People really think they’re saving money on gas by shopping at Giant Eagle. I don’t even bother with the stupid fuel perks. I save more money going to a family owned grocery store where the prices are customarily HALF of what Giant Eagle charges. With the money that I save on a weekly basis in groceries, I can afford to fill up my car and I’m not padding some corporate VP’s pockets so he or she can drive a nicer car than me. Why should I spend $3.99 lb for produce when I can get it elsewhere for $1.19 a pound. Do the math everyone. Check the prices elsewhere. Giant Eagle’s prices are COMPLETELY INSANE.

  24. john Says:

    I don’t buy the groceries @ GE, but my wife does with a 20% discount on every $300 she spends. Thanks to every time we fill up our 30-gal SUV’s for free!!! Which is a byproduct of our buying GE’s Ebay/HD/Sears/Staples/etc… gift cards using American Express BLUE which additionally pays 5% cash back (over $4,000 was deposited into our account this January)

    Everyone can save 12% on gas, 5% cashback, & $60 on groceries, OR… whine and complain that it’s completely insane. My guess is most lie somewhere inbetween.

  25. Jim Says:

    In response to Kelly: Giant Eagle does have items on sale…and sometimes the sale prices are good. Considering I’ve gotten over $2600 in free fuel in the last 12 months, I don’t consider myself stupid. I get a lot of gift cards there for what I would normally spend elsewhere.

    Just so everyone knows, effective Friday March 13th, Giant Eagle is discontinuing sales of Ebay gift cards. I have a feeling they are doing this because of the above mentioned abuse (i.e. people using two paypal accounts to use them with a fake transaction). I used them all the time to buy my winnings on ebay. I am very disappointed!!!!

  26. Nancy Santos Says:

    Okie Dokie, I was just looking on Akron Gas Prices. com and there is a post about Giant Eagle Fuel Perks. This forum is a way to track gasoline prices and is consumer driven, I can post prices in my local area and also search them. I shop at several stores , but I still make enough on Fuelperks to make it worthwhile, so, some people will use only gas cards or Major credit cards that “pay” them, I do not like credit.

  27. Zangief Says:

    They will eventually find out how people are gaming their system… one friend of mine used to buy Visa gift cards there before they had any fees. He would buy a $500 card during double fuelperks promotion using a 5% cash back on ‘everyday purchases’ credit card which would get him $25 cash back and $2/gallon or $60 when using gas cans. He would then go to Wal-Mart, use the $500 Visa card to buy a $500 money order for 60 cents and then deposit the money order into his bank account to earn a little interest during the grace period of the credit card he purchased the Visa card with. So for that effort he would net $85 give or take, and he would rinse and repeat multiple times. He did it so much though, that Giant Eagle caught on and either stopped giving fuelperks on Visa cards or put in enough fees to keep it from being profitable. When he told us about this I even did an analysis to see if I could pull off a similar thing by reselling gift cards on eBay at a slight discount since the spread is 17% for very little effort, but when I looked at the going rate for gift cards on eBay and factored in all of the eBay and PayPal fees it turned out to be a net loss. Props to the people that can find a legit way to take advantage of this, though. And don’t forget about the more obscure gift cards they sell. Dropping $200 a seat on that once-in-a-lifetime concert? Ticketmaster gift card. Flying somewhere? Southwest or American Airlines gift card. Get your haircut at Regis, SmartStyle, Trade Secret, MasterCuts, HairMasters, Best Cuts or maybe a dozen other places that accept them? Regis Salon gift cards. I agree that buying actual food at Giant Eagle is not that smart (especially after they ran Tops out of town), but getting an 11% or 17% cash/gas back on purchases I am making anyways that would otherwise just give me 1-2% cash back is a no-brainer. And don’t fall for the extra $0.04 using the Giant Eagle credit card either – they are just trying to save money on fees they pay to process credit card transactions and in this case the house has the advantage; even the most basic rewards credit cards give 3% cash back at grocery stores.

  28. Jeremiah Says:

    They did away with the “Ebay loophole” by not carrying the cards any more. Too bad.

  29. Kootie Says:

    Because GE and Meijer are right across the street from each other, I buy gift cards and the loss leaders at GE and go across the street to Meijer and pay less for stuff.

  30. McKenna Says:

    I think this is one of the best things right now if you shop smart. My kids get WIC and I am able to use all the WIC money towards my fuel perks. and we have been doing tons of remodeling around the house and have over15.00 right now in fuel perks. People complain about their outrageous prices. Well only buy the stuff on sale and then go somewhere else for all your other needs.

  31. Bob Banks Says:

    It is simple math. If you use the full 30 gallons, the fuel perks work out to exactly 6%. 10 cents off for every $50 for up to 30 gallons. Say you spend $100.00 You will get 20 cents off a gallon up to 30 gallons. That is $6.00. You spent $100.00 to get back $6 in fuel or 20 cents x 30 gallons = $6.00 However GE is way too expensive except if you buy ONLY the sale items and hopefully have coupons as well. On MOST sale items the prices are at least competitive. Non sale items are a no no. You are better off buying at WalMart. You’lll save more than 6%. You have to know your prices because sometimes even WalMart prices are high. In this economy all working class people HAVE to save a buck.Now GE has the food perks promo. A cross promotion to give you 1% back for every 10 gallons of fuel. They are master marketers and most people won’t do the simple math. This makes the formula more complex. But if you want to take the time to play the game, you could get enough perks for a free tank and get 3% off your food bill for up to $300 so you save an extra 9 dollars or 3%. Then that will get you 60 cents off up to 30 gallons or $18 off. Again that equals almost 6 percent. (They won’t count the discount toward fuel perks). All in all it’s BS, confusing, time consuming and not worth the time and effort. Keep life simple, Shop the sales buy everything else at Aldi’s, WalMart Plan your meals. DON’T BUY anything overpriced. All they will do is raise it more. If you don’t buy the item their inventory goes up and the price will come down.

  32. Kim Says:

    Well, if you know how to watch the ads and shop smart you don’t pay for overcharged groceries AND you rack up the fuelperks. I plan my meals around the ads, use the double coupons, buy gift cards for places I’m already going anyway – get great deals, and free gas. It works well for us but you have to like doing that sort of thing or it’s probably not worth your time.

  33. Shannon Says:

    Wow, i cannot believe i sat and read all of this; kinda like a soap opera– ridiculous but entertaining. Thanks!!

  34. Contractor Says:


    I’ve gone 3 years and 5 months without paying for gas. I’m a contractor and I generally load up on Home Depot gift cards when GE is offering double fuelperks (and if you use the Giant Eagle credit card you get an extra 4 cents off per gallon) IOW for every $50 you spend you get 24 cents off per gallon.

    The Paypal/ebay gift cards were great while they lasted. And contrary to a previous poster- if you use the high grade gas it will cost more than the regular. Also, there is no “3.95 charge” for the gift cards.

    Between loss leaders- coupons- double fuel perks and the Giant Eagle credit card bonus this is a great opportunity for save big bucks on your gas expense.

    I really gotta shake my head when some folks call this a scam or some such nonsense. O well YMMV

  35. George Says:

    When I get prescriptions from Dr., they always have several refills. I fill the prescription at GE with a $1 coupon as a new scrip then for the next refill I go to K-mart, Wallmart etc. with their coupon as a transfer. Then return to GE with another $1 coupon as a transfer etc…etc. If you take enough meds, you may never have to pay for gas. Always check around for GE grand openings, reopenings, anniversaries etc. They usually always have the $1 prescription coupons.

  36. sewdiverse Says:

    Say you have $50. Buying a Starbucks card under double fuel perks would get you $.20 off/gal. Then using the card at GE Starbucks gives you another $.10 off/gal when the $50 card is used up. However, if you buy your coffee at the Get-Go, you earn $.01 for each cup so perks add up alot faster for your $50. And, some might say buying a can of coffee, making you coffee at home and using the savings for gas…..So much to think about and I’m honestly just beginning to do it. Have to get my gas cans for sure. Thanks.

  37. Beth Says:

    Did anyone ever question why some Giant Eagles give 20c in Fuelperks for every $50, but others only give 10c? The stores in Stark County, OH all give 20c, whereas many of the stores in Summit County, OH only give 10c. Some stores are just 10 miles or less from one another. Make sure you’re getting back what you deserve.

  38. Frankie Says:

    I have been using fuel perks for a year now. I only buy what i normally would and mostly sale items. If I know I will be buying from another store I purchase gift cards. THis works out great with my construction business as well. I simply buy the home depot cards and buy normally what i would. This has allowed me to get most of my gas for free, even for the business.

  39. Chef Susan Says:

    Frankie, Are there any tax implications for your business in using this method?

  40. RB Says:

    We remodeled our kitchen and bought new electronics. Bought $9k in Sears and Best Buy gift cards during a 20 cents on $50 purchase promo. Used gas cans every fill up to ensure all 30 gallons wer used. We didn’t pay for gas in a long time in 2 vehicles!

  41. steve Says:

    the best way to save is to now stop at Giant Eagle at all. there prices are so high that shopping anywhere els you would save a bundle even if your paying full price for gas at any pump.

  42. Jen Says:

    If you shop the loss leaders and double coupon you can get groceries at Giant Eagle very very affordably. It just taking the time to read the ad they deliver with your mail every week and shop accordingly. I never go to walmart anymore, their prices are horrible. Adding in the fuelperks, you can save big time.

  43. ChefStar007 Says:

    While the 24 hour delay is stated on the receipt, in two years of use, I have never had a problem immediately using the card.

    The trick with Giant Eagle is they want you not to use the card for at least 24 hours so they can rack up some interest. The card companies know the longer you hold on to your card – the better the chance of you never using the full balance.

    Many people never claim that last 2 bucks. I had a Staples card that had 29 cents left on it. I used it. If you really don’t want it – buy a candy bar with it at the register and pay the 50 cents difference.

    Anywho, go ahead and use the card immediately.

  44. ChefStar007 Says:

    True. But, they do allow gas cans. We carry two 5 gallon gas cans. We fill up the car and the two gas cans and then put the 10 gallons of gas in our other cars later.

  45. Jeffrowww Says:

    I go to the pump that is most out of site and we park our cars on opposite sides (me at pump 12 and her at pump 13 I fill up my car first then just reach the pump around to the other side. works every time. If you have have 2 cars on the same side they are gonna know.

  46. kay snyder Says:

    where are current G.E.’s with $1.00 off prescription coupons. I live 25 miles W. of Cleveland, Ohio on Lake Erie. Now, trust me when I say this…………My daughter & I will drive most anywhere to obtain free gas. Last April is when our last coupons were available. At that point we were going 30 miles for the last 3 months for coupons. And most anywhere means PA, MD. W.Va.; ANYWHERE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Tell me.l

  47. jdrutkoski Says:

    Here’s the deal. I was stopped by an attendant once when my wife and i were filling up our two vehicles with the free gas. They flat out told me that you can’t fill two vehicles at once but you can fill gas cans. I went straight to walmart, bought (3) 5 gallon cans at about 7 or 8 bucks each and then went to Get Go to get my gas. It cost me ~$25 the first time around but at 15 gallons x $3+/gallon that’s at least $45 in savings each time I hit the free gas mark… They paid for themselves the first time I went for gas. I keep them in the garage and fill my car when I get low.

  48. Kevin Says:

    The whole FuelPerks thing is great PR, but it’s mostly total BS. Giant Eagle says, “Gas prices are crazy, we’ll help you save money on gas!!” The average idiot thinks this is great. They’re so busy looking at how much money they’re saving on gas that they don’t realize they’re losing a heck of a lot more on groceries.

    Here’s the math, folks: If you spend $100 you save 20 cents per gallon of gas. Most people fill up their tank and use about 15 gallons which works out to $3.00. I’ll even go so far as to say there are a handful of people who get the entire 30 gallons for $6.00 in savings. They’ve spent 100 dollars and saved 6 dollars, for a total expense of 94 dollars.

    The catch is that if you are buying common grocery items (or heaven forbid, non-grocery items at Giant Eagles crazy prices), you can get them at WalMart for a fraction of the cost. On average, my experiences have been that the same $100 in products at Giant Eagle would cost around $70 at Walmart. So. Would you rather have $30 in your pocket or $6 in your pocket? Keep in mind that you can ONLY use that $6 for gas at GETGO as opposed to using the $30 for anything you want – even gas at a cheaper gas station.

    If you tend to buy specialty items at Giant Eagle that Walmart doesnt carry, then some of this won’t apply – but I feel bad because you’re paying even MORE for those specialty items at Giant Eagle’s insane prices. Most of what the average person buys can be found at Walmart.

    Some people will say, “Well I only buy items that are on sale!”. Unfortunately, Giant Eagle’s “on sale” prices are STILL higher than Walmarts every day price, so you can buy what you want, when you want. Not to mention they’re open 24 hours.

    Buying gift cards and using them for purchases elsewhere is a good way to actually get some benefit from the FuelPerks program, just be sure to use your credit card to buy the gift cards so you earn rewards from your credit card company and be sure there are no activation fees on the gift cards or you’ve just lost any savings you were hoping to get.

    I can’t attest to the pharmacy stuff because I don’t fill any prescriptions anywhere. I imagine the generic drugs would probably be priced pretty competitively at both places.

  49. tom Says:

    Ok so why not just buy expensive stuff with your card and then return them without your card get a store credit and buy the sale items at a good price? or do like me and buy them with your foodstamps and use your rewards card then return them without your rewards card have the money posted back to your foodstamps card and go to save-a-lot and then fill up you cadilac or your lincoln and ride off into the sunset with you steak and shrimp! Oh yea and a full tank of petro!

  50. Stever Says:

    One of the issues in getting items from Giant Eagle is to get them with Fuel Perk savings in mind. The Non grocery items should be purchased elsewhere like at Kmart – but buy the Kmart Gift cards when there is a double fuel perk promotion and buy them with the Giant Eagle Fuel perk credit card. So if you intend to spend $200 at Kmart to buy specific items on a discount rate – Go to Giant Eagle and get a double Fuel perk gift card using your Giant Eagle credit card and rack up 48 cents per gallon for a $100 gift card – that is a almost 15% percent savings on your money even before you shop at Kmart – then shop there and get the best deal you can – because the gift cards work just like cash.

    If the advantage card users do not maximize thier fuel perk potential then those fuel perks do go to waste – and since it is not always ‘convienient’ for a person to plan for fuel fill ups or carry fuel containers – there will be waste – that is why if you use the Giant eagle Fuel perks credit card to purchase your fuel – then can also earn fuel perks by using the card at Get Go

  51. Mark Says:

    here is something that you are forgetting for every so much you spend on gas you also get a % of off your giant eagle purchases.

  52. Bob Says:

    Why would you do that? Visa gift cards have a activation fee of like $4. You loose money that way.

  53. Ken Says:

    Hi all, The Giant Eagle in my area had the coupons in their flyer for a week so I got some extra and listed them on Ebay- item #230581863347

  54. Janina Says:

    @sarah: I completely agree with you on that one!

  55. Raquel Says:

    Yes they do! Just purchased some with and did receive the fuel perks.
    In Columbus Ohio it is 20 cents per gallon. Here is how the math worked for me….. I also use a Giant Eagle Credit Card to purchase the Gift Cards.

    Purchased $300.00 in Visa Gift Cards
    Cost to activate the Cards $29.70
    Total 329.70
    Fuel Perks from Purchase of Cards..$1.20 off per gallon
    Fuel Perks from using Giant Eagle Credit Card to purchase Gift Cards .28 off per gallon

    Fuel perks earned in that transaction for 30 gallons of gas $44.40
    -29.70 for activating the gift cards
    Total savings $14.70

    Now to even further use this discount…….
    Use the $300 worth of Visa / Amex gift cards to purchase groceries at Giant Eagle….$1.20 off per gallon
    Total of $36.00 for 30 Gallons of gas
    Added to the $14.70 that was netted in the first transaction
    Total Savings $50.70 for every $300 I spend on Groceries at Giant Eagle.

    You have to bring gas cans…they do not allow 2 cars.

    Now… consider any of your monthly bills…do you pay any of those with your checking account? What about purchasing gift cards and paying that way?? How much can you save?

  56. Raquel Says:

    use gas cans. if you continue to utilize the program…they will pay themselves off.

  57. Raquel Says:

    I agree that many of the prices are inflated at Giant Eagle. Not all though. Even if you buy gift cards at giant eagle…then use them at another grocer it still saves you money.

  58. Raquel Says:

    Certain areas are a test market

  59. Raquel Says:

    I don’t think it is worth it in the areas where it is only .10 cents. In the test market area where it is .20 off per gallon it is worth it.

  60. Mary Says:

    I’m with Scott…please, let me know before you decide to switch sides with that nozzle. Also, please let me know if you intend to fill your gas cans while they are still in the car or the truck. Want to see brilliant guy frying his truck due to STATIC ELECTRICITY?
    Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tYO4jvnJHw

    For all those who say it ain’t so, let the rest of us out of the station before you try this moronic experiment.

  61. jared Says:

    For gas prices I go to columbusgasprices.com or (wherever you are)gasprices.com there is even an app for apple and android phones so you always know where the cheapest gas is, they even send you warnings on possible gas hikes.

  62. Sara Says:

    hmm, all that sugar.

  63. Kelly Says:

    For the shoppers who are against Giant Eagle due to their high prices, you are right but on a limited scale. I always shop their 10 for $10 sales, or the great cereal sales; things of that nature. If I can buy it cheaper at Walmart, I do but if it’s on sale, keep in mind that Giant Eagle doubles coupons up to $1. If you get a 10 for 10 item with a .50 coupon, it’s free and you earn the gas perks. You just have to be smart about what you purchase there. They recently had a sale on roasts. It was buy one, get one. One roast was roughly $12 which is the same price per pound as Walmart. Do be ignorant enough to pass up the perks, just don’t pay overpriced items to earn them. Shop smart and you’ll make out.

  64. mark Says:

    Which GE western Pa stores always give double points.

  65. AC Says:

    why so much on the fees for the card activation. cant you get bigger cards? up to 500? or no

  66. Hal Says:

    They’ve done away with that at a corporate level. It was two independent stores that ran this special, but corporate made them fall in line with the weekly fuelperks bonuses that are given for bulk purchases of particular promotional items each week. “Buy 5 General Mills cereals, get 20 cents fuelperks,” and that sort of thing.

    The good news is I still buy everything with gift cards and my current balance is around $36, with yearly savings in the $4500 range, even without double fuelperks.

  67. Anthony Says:

    I actually work for the get go on ridge rd, and I think that the fuel perks idea is brilliant, but only if you know how to utilize it correctly and to your advantage. I myself don’t shop at giant eagle for groceries, I go to Walmart because its a lot cheaper, its common sense, but however, giant eagle usually always has a buy one get one free deal on their meat deparment, they have a big yellow sticker on them, many of you know what I’m talking about, I just bought some very thick pork chops two days ago for $7, the package brought 6, and I got another one free, so 12 thick pork chops for 7 dollars, that’s awesome! Another way I save is By using my WIC there. I get 8 cans of baby formula a month on wic and each can is around $15, thats already $120 bucks not including all the milk, eggs, peanut butter, juice, cereal, fruits, veggies, and bread I get on WIC, its the smartest way to save because I don’t spend actual money but yet I still get my fuel perks. Another great way is to take advantage of the double fuel perks on gift cards, you get 20 cent fuel perks for every 50 bucks spent during that period, this month I believe it ends on December 14 or 17 so I advice you to take advantage and give them out as Christmas gifts it benefits you and the receiver because they get to pick out what they want. Another thing is I’m hearing a lot of people saying that they rather buy groceries at kmart because its cheaper…. WE SELL KMART GIFT CARDS YA MORONS hahaha TAKE ADVANTAGE!! another thing is when you have say $4.00 in FUEL PERKS and you redeem them to fill up your tank and gas cans for FREE at say $3.29 a gallon. You DON’T LOOSE that .71 cents of REMAINDING FUEL PERKS. You keep that. those roll over. So to end my disagreement with most of you, it CAN benefit us all, By offering us a discount on gas By simply stopping at the gas station and picking up a few gift cards on the way to the retail store we were just heading to. And one more thing to keep in mind is most of us have wifes or girl friends or even just dates, and where do we take them hmm Dave and busters? Red lobsters? Think GIFT CARDS and you can save, how bout her Christmas present where are you getting it? Sears? Macys? Think GIFT CARD and you can save too. And more thing, my stores been offering 3cents fuel perks per cup of coffee 20 oz or larger, a 20oz is 1.55, and your sixth cup is free and your advantage card keeps track of how many you have, so one coffee a day for 5 days is 7.75 and your 6th cup is free and you got 3cents fuel perks x 5 cups is 15 cents off x 30 gallons is $4.50 that you just saved on gas so all in all that’s like buying 6 cup of coffees for $3.25. Ok I’m done. Don’t forget to pick up some kmart gift cards on your way out ;)

  68. sam Says:

    never had that problem have had over 7000.00 in free gas so far…..love the system

  69. MIchelle Says:

    There is no waiting period here anymore for any of the gift cards anymore : )

  70. MIchelle Says:

    it is a safety issue.

  71. MIchelle Says:

    Customer service is soooo much better at Giant Eagle than the other “big” retailers. Eagle’s nest alone is worth any “inflated” price you are talking about – although I don’t think that the prices are much, if at all, inflated. You can shop the sales and use coupons.

  72. Phil Says:

    *** Although if I’m not mistaken doing this would meet the legal definition of fraud and would -I believe- be a felony, so be careful messing with paypal.

  73. Axl Says:

    Giant Eagle does not sell gift cards for competitors. You cannot buy a gift card that you can use at another grocer.

  74. Axl Says:

    Gas prices vary by location, not by seller. Get Go’s will have different prices of gas in different areas, just as Speedway, Exxon, BP, and everyone else will.

  75. Axl Says:

    You can also check prices at gianteagle.com. Just use the store finder.

  76. Axl Says:

    That isn’t quite correct. Assume you have $5 of each gallon. You go to gas station and regular is $3.20 and Premium is $3.40. The price you pay for 30 gallons will be $0 on either purchase, but you will have perks leftover for the next purchase if you buy Regular, in fact you will carry over 20 cents off each gallon.

  77. Axl Says:

    I agree with Kelly, however you don’t have to buy groceries at Giant Eagle. Some people will only buy gift cards but groceries somewhere else.
    I buy groceries at Giant Eagle, but I do coupons. Well, you might say everyone else will take coupons too, but as far as I know only Giant Eagle double coupons (up to 99 cents) in the Columbus area.

  78. Axl Says:

    So, has anyone tried paying full prices for prescription (to get most fuelperks) and later working it out with insurance companies? Sounds like a hassle to me, but there must be a $$ amount where it’s worth the time and effort.

  79. paul m Says:

    do you have a smartphone? use gas buddy app to check fuel prices!!

  80. David Says:

    Another thing that I do is all of my family and friends that do not use all 30 gallons when they use their Giant Eagle card, I buy off of them… Here is what I mean >>> Lets say that my brother only uses 15 gallons at $3.00 a gallon with his fuel perks, what I do is I will give my brother $45.00 cash, (15 gallons worth of gas), and I will use his card and get 30 gallons for my vehicle… In retrospect. I got my gas for $1.50 a gallon… If you have many friends and family that does not worry about gas this can work out well for you…


  81. m Says:

    Look, if the pay-pal thing has been shut down you can always sell/by you gift cards with DWOLLA . There is a 25 cent flat fee for each transaction no matter how much money is transferred. Here is a site that explains the service.


    Yes it is completely legal and will probably put credit card companies out of business in the next 10 years.

    Related to all this: If you by a big ticket Item at Lowes with GE gift card and then return it ( better if at a different Lowes) for a full cash refund, you still get the fuel perks for NOTHING.

    You can repeat this cycle as many times as you want.
    If you do it just enough to keep about 5.00 in fuel perks and use gift cards for things that you do need also,
    Of course you must get 30 gallons at a time for efficiency.

  82. Chuck Says:

    I just want to comment on the one-vehicle limit when cashing in your fuelperks. It is total b.s. to call this a “safety issue”. If there is a risk of igniting your car via an electrostatic spark, this risk exists whether you are filling up one tank or two. Why do gas stations allow customers to pump their own gas at all if this is a serious problem?

    Then they say it’s ok to bring along your own gas canisters and fill them up in order to get the full 30 gallons each time? That’s crazy. Driving around with full gas cans in your trunk and/or storing them in your garage is a much greater fire hazard than filling up a second vehicle at the pump!!!

    So Giant Eagle is full of s**t when they talk about “safety”. They are enforcing the one-vehicle policy to save $$, not for safety reasons.

  83. Diane Says:

    This is how I do it … every time.

    First of all, look for those $1 coupons for transferred prescriptions. They even have them sitting at the service desk of my local store. I just transferred one and will transfer 2 more back by the end of the month.

    I also get double fuel perks for gift cards, which I use for gifts or for everyday purchases like movies and restaurants.

    Right now I have $1.70 in fuel perks for gift cards, a script and oh yeah, groceries. I also get bonus fuelperks for certain grocery items. I do not ever buy thousands in food, not even over the course of a year, and certainly not at that store. My mamma raised a bargain shopper!

    When I go, I make sure Ye Olde Intrepid is zooming on fumes. I have three five gallon cans in the car, plus a 2 gallon can. If I’m lucky I can get 17 gallons in the tank. The other 13 or so are split among the cans. I’m a week girly girl and don’t like to lift 40 pounds of gas if I can help it.

    The 30 gallons of gas gets me through 2 weeks of heavy driving.

    If you try to pour the gallons of gas into a friend’s car. they will not let you do it on their property. Even the “outparcel” which is overflow parking for the A&W is off limits here.

  84. Ken Says:

    I purchase gift cards from GE for almost everything… restaurants, Home Depot, you name it. I use my AMEX card to purchase the Gift cards and earn 6% cash back rewards for grocery stores. So while I’m racking up fuel perks I’m also effectively getting 6% cash back on my restaurant and Home Depot purchases. I also use the AMEX card to pay the difference (after fuel perks discount) at the pump and earn another 3% cash back reward for fuel purchases. I usually put 20 gal in my truck and fill two 5 gal gas cans to get the full benefit of the fuel perks.

    So I save on gas and save 6% on restaurant, home depot, etc. I don’t buy my groceries at GE as they are more expensive.

  85. Free Gas – Beating Giant Eagle’s Fuel Perks – Eatingcleveland.com | Belkin Web Memories Says:

    […]  Read story […]

  86. catlady5353 Says:

    CUSTOMERS BEWARE!!! Just had a neighbor of my boyfriend ask him if he had a GE Getgo card. (It’s in my name, mind you.) He let the 20-some-year-old “borrow” it thinking since she just had a baby, she wanted to go to the local GE store to use it. Well, it was the 2nd time she asked in 2 days for it. Her boyfriend asked for it first, then brought it back. Then she asked for it a 2nd time. Low and behold…don’t ya know “whomever” ended up with my card used it to “scam” GE GETGO at a place [Mt. Pleasant, PA] miles away from my guy’s place, for $181.63 for 46.944 gallons of fuel pumped! [We’ve never ever been to this location. Had to look at a map for it!]

    Good thing I noticed the key card on a side table earlier and brought the subject up. Didn’t know it got asked for a 2nd time, though, until my boyfriend added that note.

    It bothered the heck out of me, and I checked my account online. Noticed a weird entry about “gas” pumped. I then phoned Customer Service the following day once I’d seen that entry plus our previous entry for July (2013) no longer listed. A rep told me then about the gas
    amount “purchased”. Have no idea if whomever purchased this gas used a stolen credit card or claimed that “their” card was stolen–trying to leave me with paying for it!

    After speaking with Customer Service, we reached out to the manager to make the location aware of what happened. This is pending. Haven’t heard anything from the manager. Just received a “letter” regarding the transaction in the mail.

    After speaking with the manager via phone, I since took my card to the local GE store to have the card listed as “stolen” and had a new card reissued. My account is not updated yet with the new number. I placed a call back to the location for a status report.

    We let the manager know that we know who asked for it.

    Status Pending.


  87. SickOfOldFood! Says:


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